Capture, organize, and deliver collective knowledge with AI.
Adam Smith

Adam Smith
Co-Founder & CEO

We believe AI represents an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to overcome information overload and communication breakdowns that lead to lost productivity, missed opportunities and employee frustration.

Our AI-powered platform allows companies to easily connect their fragmented knowledge sources, train contextual AI experts, and deliver instant answers to employee questions - all within the flow of their existing work.

With Workbounce, subject matter experts can break free from endless reactive Q&A to focus on high-impact work. Customer-facing teams can get up to speed faster and respond to prospects and customers with confidence. And leaders gain visibility into knowledge gaps and friction points across the organization.

By making company knowledge accessible and useful with AI, our aim is to create more knowledgeable teams, more efficient operations, and better business outcomes for our customers. We're committed to being a trusted partner on their journey to become AI-powered, knowledge-driven organizations.

Our story

Our co-founders Adam and Rowan first met at Peakon (acq. by Workday, $700M) in 2017, where they led Go-to-Market strategy and Revenue Operations from Series A.

At Workbounce we’re building a company centered around a human way of working. We’re a fully remote and asynchronous team. We believe that the freedom to decide when, where and how to work allows us to achieve things we can be truly proud of.

This requires a careful balance between independence and collaboration. To help us get it right, we’ve defined and published our Operating Principles.

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  • Hannah Seal

    Hannah Seal

    Investor @ Index Ventures

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    Neil Ryland

    Chief Commercial Officer @ Normative

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    Kevin Van Gundy

    Chief Revenue Officer @ Vercel

  • Kieran Flanagan

    Kieran Flanagan

    CMO @ Zapier

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    Christian Holm

    CTO @ Normative

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    Samantha Wessels

    VP Emea @ Snyk

  • Matthias Hilpert

    Matthias Hilpert

    Investor @ MH2 Capital

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    Jeetu Mahtani

    EVP Customer Success @ Hubspot

  • Harsh Sinha

    Harsh Sinha

    CTO @ Wise

  • Simone Goodman

    Simone Goodman

    CFO @ Forecast

  • Dan Rogers

    Dan Rogers

    Co-founder @ Peakon

  • Kasper Hulthin

    Kasper Hulthin

    Chairman @ Normative