Accelerate Sales with AI-Powered Enablement

Meet Workbounce
Instant answers to deal blocking questions

Connect all of your documents and resources with AI powered search and support to give your reps knowledge superpowers.


Fast track ramp and productivity
Sales ramp often takes longer than forecast. Workbounce can help drive momentum earlier for new hires.


Amplify existing enablement initiatives
Get more out of your other enablement programs, assets, and tools by making sure they're always found when needed.


Create a culture of coaching & collaboration
Encourage knowledge sharing and capture informally shared insights with our Slack integration.
โ€œWhere is this document? How do I respond to this customer question? There needs to be immediacy in how they can solve that. A solution like Workbounce is one way to provide that.โ€
Chad Trabucco

Chad Trabucco
Senior Director, Sales Enablement

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Seamless integration across your favorite platforms

We integrate seamlessly with the platforms where your teams knowledge and assets live.

Google Drive
Google Docs
Google Slides
Google Sheets
Slack Bot
Slack Bot
Slack Bot
Chrome Extension
Chrome Extension
Chrome Extension
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Security as a core feature

We take privacy and security seriously

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