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The AI assistant for your business

Meet Workbounce: your most-knowledgable and fastest-working co-worker.


More information at your fingertips than ever before

Leverage all your internal knowledge

More than a search tool. Workbounce AI aggregates information across multiple sources of internal knowledge—before generating the most accurate and informed response.

Gain a deeper level of insight and understanding

Workbounce AI allows you to continuously query and analyze internal information, providing you with in-depth learnings and vital context that would otherwise have been missed.

Let critical information flow into your teams

Workbounce AI syncs directly to chat and call-recording platforms, so you no longer have to rely on customer-facing reps to manually capture information and feed it back into the rest of your business.

Prepare for success with external sources

Workbounce AI extracts key insights from external resources, and combines it with internal knowledge, to fully prepare you for pitches, meetings and customer conversations—in a fraction of the time.

The smarter, more efficient way to get the job done

Ready to assist you, wherever you’re working

Workbounce AI meets you wherever you are in your workflow. No need for 20 open tabs. Streamline your day-to-day, with one tool to surface, summarize and analyze critical information.

No more knowledge silos, no more noise, no more delays

Workbounce AI surfaces information wherever it’s hidden—and returns a response in seconds. You’ll never need to dig through Slack, ask an ‘@channel’ question, or waste time waiting for a colleague to reply again.

Multi-lingual, right out of the box

Workbounce AI reads and writes in every language. Content translation and localization are not a problem. All your internal knowledge is available to your entire team, whatever language it’s been recorded in.

Artificial Intelligence that’s always improving

Workbounce AI trains itself to understand the nuanced language and terminology unique to your business—and prioritize the information that’s most valuable to your teams. An AI assistant, tailored to you.


Workbounce is the AI assistant for your business. Trained on all your internal knowledge, Workbounce surfaces information, performs complex analysis, and creates the perfect (customer-facing) output in seconds.

As knowledge workers, we spend too much of our time on low-skilled tasks: taking information from different sources, and converting it into a new format for customers or colleagues. It's a process that's rife with inefficiency: we lose hours looking for documents, we're forced to make do with incomplete data, and we rush to draw conclusions ahead of tight deadlines.

Imagine a future where you had all your company’s internal knowledge at your fingertips, and could craft the perfect output in seconds. Finally, you could focus on the job you were actually hired to do—the bits you actually enjoy. We built Workbounce to make this future a reality.

Absolutely. Workbounce can free up hours every week so reps can focus on the work they do best—building relationships and closing deals.

Ask Workbounce to help your team prepare for meetings, turn call transcripts into follow-ups, handle customer objections, surface sales content, and much more.

Of course! Workbounce is the perfect tool to help Account Managers and Support teams get time-consuming tasks done in seconds and focus on delivering the best customer experience.

Ask Workbounce to summarise account history, answer customer questions, write follow-up emails, pull information from call recordings, and more.

Yes! Workbounce can support HR teams and alleviate a lot of manual work.

Give your organization access to Workbounce and let your teams self-serve answers to common questions, surface key information from company policies, and keep themselves aligned to current business objectives.

Workbounce connects to your internal knowledge base by integrating with the tools you use (such as Notion, Slack or Google Workspace). You get to decide which documents and resources Workbounce has access to.

Workbounce divides these resources into discrete chunks of information, and builds a vectorised ‘map of internal knowledge’ which is stored in our database. When a user submits a prompt to Workbounce, we enrich it with the relevant chunks of knowledge, and pass it to our Large Language Model provider for processing. Your internal data is never used to train the Large Language Model, and all records of your prompt, data and output are deleted by our LLM provider after 30 days. You can revoke access to individual resources and entire integrations at any time.

We have recently completed our SOC 2 security audit and take the safeguarding of your internal data very seriously.

We believe the benefits of Artificial Intelligence should be readily available to anyone, much like the utilities we depend on on a daily basis (electricity, water, phone lines). We’ve therefore chosen to price Workbounce in a similar way.

We provide flexible plans with a base rate set on a minimum level of usage and support. Then you just pay for what you use. We operate price caps to stop you spending more than you expect, and if you need to top up your allowance, you can purchase additional credits.

If you have any questions about our pricing model, or want to learn more, reach out to our team and we can build a custom plan around your needs.

We’re currently working closely with each of our early-stage customers to onboard, integrate and train Workbounce around their specific business requirements. To keep our quality of service high, we have a waitlist in place. Sign up today and we’ll get you up and running as soon as possible.

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